Multi-Level Marketers

Multi-level marketers (MLMs) must register with the Consumer Protection Section of the Louisiana Department of Justice. Generally, a MLM distributes goods or services through independent agents, contractors, or distributors at different levels of distribution and may compensate participants based on sales, or the recruitment or performances of additional participants in the marketing program.

Louisiana MLM regulations can be found under Section 503 of Part III of Title 16 of the Louisiana Administrative Code , which requires a MLM to notify the Consumer Protection Section of any of the following, prior to doing business in Louisiana:

  1. that it will be doing business in Louisiana;
  2. each place within Louisiana where it will actually be doing business;
  3. the full name and mailing and permanent address of its authorized agent for service of process within Louisiana, which it is also required to have at all times herein;
  4. that the Consumer Protection Section of the Louisiana Department of Justice and its representatives are authorized and invited to attend any and all of its opportunity meetings, recruitment meetings, training sessions, or any other meeting wherein a prospective participant or any participant is explained the marketing system, and are authorized and invited to visit, at any reasonable time, any and all places wherein it keeps files, records, data, communications, or information and to inspect same.

MLMs may register by mailing the multi-level distribution registration form along with other requested information and documents to the following address:

Louisiana Department of Justice
Consumer Protection Section
P.O. Box 94005
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9005

  • download Multi-LevelDistributionSchemeRegistrationForm.pdf