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The Executive Division of the Office of the Attorney General performs constitutional and civic duties by providing oversight and direction. Working closely with Administrative Services, this division develops policy and managerial practices. It also coordinates efforts to work with various state agencies and the state legislature. The Executive Division houses the Communications Division.

Executive Counsel: John Sinquefield
John W. Sinquefield, Executive Counsel, has been First Assistant to three District Attorneys and two Attorney Generals. He is known for successful prosecutions of Capital Murder cases and for defense of Louisiana’s Death Penalty Statues. He started as an assistant prosecutor in New Orleans, worked for the National Center for Prosecution Management in Washington D.C., and served as First Assistant District Attorney in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles for over 23 years. He has been featured in TV productions related to cases he prosecuted. He is known as an expert in the management of prosecution offices and is a past Vice President of the National District Attorneys Association.