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The Attorney General has made it his goal to fight crime on all levels.  

Domestic Violence in the Workplace
This program provides statewide education, training, and technical assistance to businesses concerned about domestic violence in the workplace.
Fugitive Apprehension Unit
This unit was created for the purpose of assisting local law enforcement agencies in locating and apprehending fugitives from justice.
Cyber Crime Unit
This unit specializes in investigating computer related crimes that may involve fraud, identity theft, child pornography, attacks against legitimate businesses by hackers, and support to local and state law enforcement in the capture and analysis of computer data.
Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Since 1978, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit has been recognized as a national leader in the investigation and prosecution of Medicaid Fraud and nursing home abuse.
Insurance Fraud Support Unit
Since 2000, this Unit has operated as a member of the Insurance Fraud Task Force, working closely with the Louisiana State Police and Department of Insurance to investigate and prosecute virtually all types of insurance fraud that occur in Louisiana.
For more information on each of these programs, see the More Resources section on this page.